Ultimate Guides on Healthy Living (Step 2)

Living heathy from this year on should be your altimate goal which should be set and work towards it’s achievement. On our last post we  talked on  ‘setting achievable goals ,being kind to yourself and starting with a healthy Breakfast’.

Today we will discuss some other tips on how to live a healthy lifestyle…

4. Stay hydrated

Hydration is key for numerous bodily processes, and it also helps to make our skin and digestion better. This year, treat yourself to a pretty water bottle, or one that indicates how much water you need to drink by certain times of the day.

“Stay hydrated to decrease hunger and fluid retention, as well as stave off that hangover if you’ve really overindulged,” Tuck said.

“Hydralyte, coconut water and good old room temperature water sipped on every 15 minutes is a great way to counteract dehydration and therefore decrease hunger cravings.

“Drink 1-2 glasses of room temperature water before each meal to decrease hunger and increase hydration, which is often mistaken for hunger.”

5. Get a buddy

Eating healthy and working out is 100 times easier and more enjoyable with a friend. Challenge yourself and your buddy and set goals — you’ll be surprised at how easy it becomes.

“Recruit a friend to join in a fun, new class so you have someone to motivate you and make you accountable,” Tuck said.

Exercising with friends doesn’t feel like exercise.

6. Clear the pantry and fridge

Chances are your kitchen is still full of chocolate, leftover trifle, biscuits and other delicious Christmas foods. To avoid temptation, offload them onto friends, family or colleagues.

“Get rid of the leftover Christmas treats. They aren’t doing you any favours in the house, tempting you on a daily basis. Donate them or throw them out,” Tuck said.

…to be continued.

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