7 Main Fish Oil Health Benefits You Must Know

Ever wondered what the main health benefits can you get from fish oil? A number of clinical studies conducted in various parts of the world have proven that we can obtain significant benefits from fish health supplements related to fish.

We also get the same health benefits of fish oil taken directly from fresh fish and other seafood products. These benefits include various health problems, including brain health, heart and pregnancy, among others.

There are two types of Omega 3 fatty acids from which we get the health benefits of fish oil – docosahexaenoic acid or DHA and eicosapentaenoic acid or EPA. While there are other sources from where we can get Omega 3, there are people whose body will have difficulty changing this to DHA or EPA. Fish oil, however, naturally provides DHA and EPA to allow our body to freely enjoy the benefits.

Here we will discuss seven major health benefits that we can get from fish based oil.

1. First is the fact that fish-related oils significantly reduce triglyceride levels in our bloodstream. This is a very important health benefit for fish oil because the level of high triglycerides is known between the general risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

2. Fish oil also helps prevent blood platelets sticking to each other, thus preventing the formation of blood clots.

3. Furthermore, fish-based oils help alleviate high blood pressure caused by hardening arteries due to high cholesterol levels.

4. It is also proven to protect our nervous system, thus reducing our risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

5. DHA and EPA also help reduce the effect of inflammatory causes in our body, which means fish-based oil can help protect us from diseases such as gout, psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis, among others.

6. Fish oil also improves the overall function of our immune system. In fact, research has found a significant relationship between the amount of oil-related oil intake and the level of risk of breast cancer and prostate.

7. The seventh main health benefits that we can get from fish-based oil health supplements are that it has been shown to reduce the level of depression. Reducing the level of depression, in turn, resulted in a reduction in suicide incidents. Of course, there are still other health benefits that can be obtained from fish-based oil intake but mentioned above are the most significant.

Apart from many extraordinary health benefits offered by fish based oil, there are a number of precautions we must take, especially when choosing fish oil sources that we will consume. Some fish-based oils can have contaminants such as mercury and other fish oil sources can also have very low DHA or EPA levels. Maybe also artificial additives can cause more damage than goodness.

So, there you have it! When buying oil-based oil health supplements or other fish oil products, be careful by ensuring that the product does not contain any substances that can cause you to endanger. Read labels on these products carefully to ensure that the oil-based oil content is harvested from clean sea waters and that the right quality standards are obeyed in the manufacturing process.

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