Dental Discourse: How To Maintain Porcelain Veneers For Years

Porcelain veneers are one of the most popular dental treatments and for very good reason. Designed to cover up chips, cracks and stains whilst supporting your dental strength, it is a small, simple procedure with huge, profound benefits.

But to get the most out of your stunning porcelain veneers you have to take proper care of them, including the following important tips to maintain their health for years to come:

  • Maintain your oral hygiene

This is something that should never be overlooked whether you have received this treatment or not. And, as you’ll be well aware, there is a keen difference between poor and quality oral hygiene.

To ensure your treatment remains healthy for years to come remember to brush, floss, rinse and mouthwash after meals, or at least once in the morning and once at night, then you are definitely on track to maintaining proper oral hygiene for the sake of your treatment.

What’s more, be sure to ease up on the intensity of your brushing once you have this new treatment, as brushing too strong can damage the treatment’s aesthetic and supportive structure!

  • Choose a new toothpaste

Whilst you might need to ease up on your brushing’s ferocity, it’s also a good idea to find a new toothpaste that is more suitable for applying to porcelain veneers. This is because many toothpaste brands can have a negative, abrasive effect on the new treatment, and this is especially so when it comes to gritty toothpastes that are designed to polish dental stains.

Your dentist will carefully match the treatment to your other teeth to ensure a seamless aesthetic, and so you might like to choose a whitening toothpaste that can prevent your teeth from staining and creating an aesthetic imbalance.

  • Stay away from nasty foods

Harmful foods are a no-go for any form of dental hygiene, so you can be sure the same goes for when you have had this treatment applied. Chewing on hard candy and chewy, sugary foods is a good way to damage your new treatment, as they are highly abrasive and can damage the material.

However, foods that are known to stain the teeth won’t necessarily stain your treatment, but they might stain your teeth, thus causing an aesthetic imbalance that you might want to avoid!

  • Kick the bad habits

We all know that cigarettes and alcohol are bad for our health in general, but they are also really nasty for our oral hygiene as well as that of porcelain veneers.

They can easily damage or stain the material and essentially defeat the purpose of having received the treatment in the first place, so it’s best to avoid these products as much as possible if you want to maintain the treatment’s health as well as your general wellbeing.

  • Check in with your dentist

Your dentist is there to ensure that everything is going well with your new treatment, so if you have any queries or concerns there is no obviously no one better to check in with than them.

It’s good to schedule a checkup in the months following the treatment, as well as maintain your semi-regular appointments with them just to ensure that the treatment is continuing to provide you with amazing dental benefits as the years go by.

By doing this, and the other provided pieces of advice, you should be going a long way to ensuring your porcelain veneers’ health over the years!

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