Does Online Poker Have Wellbeing Benefits?

Across the United States, online poker continues to rise in popularity. PR Newswire reports that online casino games are now so in-demand that they earned $66 billion in the past year alone — and online poker is a big player in that market. Today, companies like Poker Dog Club NFT are even bringing the NFT hype to online poker, helping inject more innovation and more fun into a style of play that’s enjoyed by millions across the country.

But did you know that online poker provides more benefits than just giving you a great way to pass the time? Mounting evidence proves that opting to stay on your couch in your PJs rather than going to the local poker table can actually improve your wellbeing. So, below we are going to discuss just some of the perks online poker has to offer.

It’s a great way to socialize

Social interaction has been something many have struggled to find thanks to pandemic restrictions. Thankfully, the Internet stepped in to serve as the mainstream medium for connection throughout the country, and the online poker world has been thriving in this aspect. Most hosting sites allow interaction between players, making it a platform where people can connect with like-minded individuals.

The power of simple communication should not be underestimated when it comes to someone’s wellbeing. As a place where you can simply enjoy playing the game with both old and newfound friends, online poker can help keep you mindful and connected during this once-in-a-lifetime and particularly challenging period of human history.

It gives you a cognitive workout

You may be familiar with the notion that, much like how you would exercise your body at the gym, you should hone your mental faculties as well. Unlike watching TV or mindlessly scrolling on social media, online poker is different in the sense that it is more of an active activity rather than a passive one.

Norwegian researcher Niri Talberg, who has a comprehensive background in pedagogy, sees poker not as a lazy pastime but as one needing a host of skills.

“[Online poker involves] a lot about recognizing the opponent’s playing style. It’s about the statistics of it,” Talberg expounded. “The game involves a lot of probability assessments.” Those assessments include calculating poker odds, as well as having people skills such as understanding tells and analyzing behaviors. All of these skills have practical applications in real life, too — which means online poker trains you to think better both on and off the virtual poker table.

It regulates your emotions

Poker can be an intense, high-energy game that can cause some to experience stress or even anger (also known as “tilting”). But those who participate in the game often know that these are things that can cloud their judgment, so they try their best to regulate what they are feeling to not lose the game. That’s why many people who play poker frequently know that it is a great exercise to control your emotions.

Much like how we discussed that acupressure can relax the mind, playing more online poker can increase your understanding of how your mind responds to certain situations. More experience thus hones your ability to similarly calm your mind and regulate your reactions. In real life, this is a good exercise for overall wellness by helping you become more in-tune with your wellbeing. Ultimately, you’re able to stick to your poker strategy without becoming too emotional about what’s happening on the felt.

It’s often said that maintaining your wellbeing is a holistic enterprise, and, there are many sources to draw wisdom from. Considering unlikely yet fruitful sources like online poker means you don’t have to give up the things you love on your journey of self-improvement.

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