Dr Richard Nahas Shares Awesome Benefits of Physical Therapy


According to Dr Richard Nahas, physical therapy helps millions of people across the globe to regain their ability to move and function after they recover from a severe injury or illness. Customized physical therapy programs can bring you a lot of benefits. Let’s check them out.

The Benefits

  1. Reduces pain – Physical therapy involves a lot of therapeutic exercises and techniques like joint or tissue mobilization. Sometimes, it may also include treatments like taping, ultrasound, electrical stimulation and more. All those exercises and treatments are aimed to help relieve pain and restore joint and muscle function. Moreover, the effects of these therapies aren’t just temporary. They can also eliminate pain and prevent them from returning.
  1. Helps to avoid surgery – Even with great strides in medical science, technology and highly qualified surgeons, surgeries always come with risks. They are also quite expensive. If surgery is not required immediately, a lot of doctors recommend physical therapy to their patients whenever there’s room for it.

Physical therapy may help you recover from injuries and eliminate the need for surgery. Even if you end up getting surgery, you’ll go into the surgery stronger and in better shape. This helps to minimize risk factors during the surgery and increases its chances of success.

  1. Improves balance – before you begin physical therapy, you’ll be screened for fall risks. If you’re at high risk for falls, your physiotherapist would design a physical therapy routine consisting of exercises that would challenge your balance safely and carefully. They will also add exercises that improve your coordination and may provide you with assistive devices for walking safely.

If you have bad coordination and balance due to an issue in your vestibular system, physiotherapists will perform specific manoeuvres to restore proper vestibular functioning. Those techniques wouldn’t just help restore balance, but also eliminate other symptoms like vertigo and dizziness.

  1. Improves your mobility – If you’re having trouble walking, standing or moving around even without an injury and irrespective of your age, physical therapy can help. Physical therapy involves a lot of strengthening and stretching exercises that help to restore your ability to move around.

Physical therapists would assess your current condition and even provide you with crutches, a cane, or even orthotic prescriptions to improve your movement till they fully restore your mobility. They can customize your care plan according to your needs for maximum effectiveness and safety.

  1. Helps manage heart and lung disease – After heart attacks or procedures related to the heart, you’re usually recommended to complete cardiac rehabilitation. Apart from that, you may also receive physical therapy to improve your condition. Similarly, physical therapy can also help with pulmonary problems through breathing and conditioning exercises. These programs also help patients naturally clear fluid in their lungs.


Dr Richard Nahas suggests that you note the above-mentioned benefits of physical therapy and enroll yourself on a physical therapy program if you have the need for it. On the other hand, you can also choose a lucrative career in physiotherapy after going through proper training and acquiring the relevant certifications.

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