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Face acupressure for the skin looks younger

Tibetan Acupressure Mat is the only self-care face acupressure that works! The quality of thorns – density, distribution, and sharpness are optimized to provide the highest regeneration face massage. And the best of all complicated massage techniques is needed.

Benefits of Tibet Acupressure Mat Facial Massage:
– Lose skin looks luminous
– Look young and tight
– Increased lumps and skin elasticity
– Lift your face
– Reducing skin imperfections and signs (such as spots, aging signs, veins, scars etc.)
– Leather and rejuvenation regeneration

Acupressure Face becomes more popular treatments in many spa and aesthetic center. This produces all the benefits of in-depth massage and skin tissue manipulation for the face and neck without using needles or incisions.

Face acupresure is designed to stimulate key nerves and muscle fibers far in the skin layer to increase collagen production and improve skin appearance by releasing trapped energy, improving circulation and slowly eliminating the buildup of toxins that can be present in the muscles and face tissue.
Increasing the entire function of the facial muscles can give your face to look young and tight, and the results can even imitate the removal of the face of the surgery after a series of treatments.

How Do Acupressure Face With Tibet Acupressure Mat Works

Acupressure Face Using the Tibet Acupressure Mat helps manipulate and balance the face tissue while working on poisons, cleaning the face lymph system and circulation imbalance.

No need to learn difficult massage techniques; Tibet’s acupressure mat will do everything for you! All you need is to give high pressure on the mats that are placed on your facial skin (avoid the eye area) and hold closely for a minimum of 40 seconds.

When blood starts to rush to the surface of the skin, you will experience a very warm feeling on your skin. After 40 seconds, delete your acupressure mat and reset to a different position on your face (working in the main area: forehead, top cheeks and temples, middle cheeks and nose lines, chin, and ears, under the chin).

This massage will release tension and stress during the process. Massage can last up to half an hour, and the face must then be cleaned with warm towels and toner must be applied to close the pores.

A series of facial acupressure treatments with Tibet’s acupressure mat will rejuvenate the skin and increase skin elasticity – important components of young skin that look healthy. Because blood is brought to the surface during treatment, you can expect the skin to look more shine and shine immediately after the session. Another benefit of acupressure facial includes:

Removal of skin dirt – a gentle massage movement is designed to increase lymph and blood flow, which can help the pores get rid of poisons naturally.

Increased collagen production – Regular face massage can make the skin more flexible and toned, and stimulate the main pressure point can also help increase collagen production

Stress reduction – the whole experience can relax and energize, and may be a valuable treatment of stress reduction

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