Healthy Diet Plans for Women Over 30

Thirty might be the new 20, but it is also a reminder to look after your health and take better care of your body. Once you cross the threshold of your 30s, several changes take place in your body that inadvertently affect the way nutrients are absorbed and retained. A balanced diet and meal menu for a 30-year-old must include food items that will enhance bone strength and build lean muscles.

While ageing is inevitable, no rule says it can’t be done healthily. The 30s are the best time to turn a new leaf and start incorporating healthy foods and meal plans into your diet.

Ageing is natural, but many factors can expedite this process. Genetic makeup, environmental factors, food habits, lifestyle and underlying health conditions significantly affect ageing. 

However, a little control over your overall diet, lifestyle, sleeping habits, and exercise regimen can ward off the risk of developing chronic health conditions and help you stay healthy and in perfect shape for a long time.

So, here are some of the important changes to make in your current eating habits and diet plans once you turn 30.

Always Remember to Have Breakfast

Thanks to our busy schedules, we have simultaneously let go of our sleep and breakfasts. To keep up with the fast pace, many skip breakfast, the day’s most important meal.

This is extremely unhealthy for your health, especially if you follow a diet plan. If you have been doing this for a while, it is best to break free of this bad habit and eat at least a light breakfast instead of completely skipping it. 

Take Care of Your Bone Health

The National Institute of Aging states that, especially in women, the bone mass stops increasing when we hit our 30s. So, the goal is to prevent loss of bone mass and lower the risk of osteoporosis with advancing age. So, no matter which diet plan you follow, you must include sufficient food items or supplements to prevent vitamin D and calcium deficiency.

Dieticians recommend including food items and supplements in personal meal menus to get at least 1,000 milligrams of calcium a day. The following food items can help you maintain proper bone mass and prevent calcium deficiency:

  • Salmon with bones
  • Sardines
  • Dairy products like yoghurt and milk
  • Almonds
  • Tofu
  • Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli
  • Dark leafy vegetables like spinach

Customising a meal menu to include these food items is an excellent way to keep up with the required calcium levels.

Let Go Fad Diets

If you have spent your 20s jumping from one trendy diet to the other, it is high time to end that habit. Replacing fad diets with eating healthy is a sure-shot way of staying fit in your 30s and maintaining a stable weight for a long period. 

While a fad diet does help in losing weight quickly, you stand a high risk of getting it all back and some more the minute you stop following the regimen. In scientific terms, this is known as “weight cycling” and popularly referred to as yo-yo dieting.

The results of yo-yo dieting might be instantaneous, but the effects are long-term. These fad diets have been directly associated with increasing the risk of cardiovascular health conditions, diabetes, and depression. Moreover, they also support the idea of unhealthy body image and expectations that can result in several mental health issues. 

Once you reach your 30s, or even before, the best alternative is to start rearranging your meal menu to support a balanced lifestyle to lose weight while staying healthy.

Maintain a Proper Sleeping Routine

While food plays an important role in the diet plan for women over 30s, it cannot compensate for all the gaps. If you want your diet to work, get to bed and get proper sleep. We often dismiss the importance of sleep and the lack of it thereof on our mental and physical health.

As a full-grown adult in your 30s, you need 6 hours of sleep to make your diet plan work. Not many people know this, but proper sleeping schedules help lose weight when combined with an appropriate diet or meal menu plan.

How Can Pre-Prepared Meal Menus Help In Your 30s?

The 30s bring new possibilities and challenges with it. What worked in your 20s might not be as fruitful in your 30s, which also applies to your meal menu and diet plans. As a woman in your 30s, you might not have enough time to cook fresh meals daily while juggling several responsibilities.

This is where the pre-prepared meal menus come in to save your day and health. With a few clicks, you can connect and consult a dietician to understand what to eat and what to exclude in your 30s. Depending on their suggestions, prepare a customised meal menu aligned with your fitness and health goals. Place your orders online and get the meal bundles delivered to your doorstep. Live your 30s with a healthy body and mind.

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