How Can Sylfirm X Treatments Improve Your Self-Confidence?

Sylfirm X is the one and only dermal rejuvenation procedure of its kind. Sylfirm X takes a fresh look at the time-tested practice of radio frequency (RF) microneedling. Radiofrequency waves and tiny needles are employed in radiofrequency microneedling to rejuvenate facial skin. It’s a type of controlled skin injury, but it’s not alarming. In fact, radio frequency damage promotes the development of healthy new skin in ways you’ve probably never seen before.

Sylfirm X differs from previous radio frequency microneedling procedures in that it only responds to abnormal tissue and blood vessels. It addresses vascular lesions and increased pigmentation selectively in this manner.

How the Sylfirm X Treatment Works to Renew The Skin

The Sylfirm X system targets and treats abnormal vessels that could cause melasma, rosacea, and other skin discolorations using regional regeneration radio repeated pulse (RP) microneedling. A lot of microelectrodes work together to form an electromagnetic energy field that could permeate the dermal layer without causing tissue damage.

You could be confident that your skin would receive a precise application of evenly layered electrodes that would achieve the desired depth all through the procedure with this system. Microneedling procedures penetrate all dermal layers, making them more effective, more comfortable, and faster compared to traditional methods.

Many patients would notice a difference in their skin after just one procedure, but up to five procedures may be advised. The procedure only takes roughly ten minutes to finish, after which you can return to your normal routine.

Other aspects of the process that distinguish it from other facial procedures on the market such as:

  • Clients experience little discomfort.
  • Clients benefit from minimally invasive procedures.
  • Immediately seen results

More than 25 clinical studies have proven Sylfirm X’s efficacy and safety, and the patients have visible results. Aesthetic doctors across the country report that they have never experienced the level of immediate and comfort gratification that they got with this system.

What Should You Expect From Sylfirm X Treatment?

  1. Persistent Pigmentation Selective Degradation

Generally, laser procedure only addresses problems in the superficial layers of the skin and doesn’t penetrate the deeper layers in which pigments originate. Laser procedures frequently produce only temporary results, and repeated laser sessions could aggravate the condition. That can happen as a result of pigment darkening and irreversible skin mottling.

Sylfirm X, however, selectively targets skin regions previously inaccessible by lasers and shatters the skin’s abnormal cells without damaging the surrounding healthy skin.

  1. Pigmentation Is Treated With Minimal Downtime

Sylfirm X generates an electrothermal effect by using a pulsed radio frequency wave. This treatment is primarily used to address persistent pigmentation, such as melasma and rosacea.

Melasma pigments form across different layers of skin, making treatment difficult because it happens for reasons other than the accumulation of pigment. Inflammation, anomalous blood vessels, and a weakened basement membrane are among the symptoms. Sylfirm X works on all layers of skin, from the bottom to the top, addressing abnormal blood vessels, basement membrane, and melanin pigments, all of which contribute to the aggravation of melasma.

Microneedles are placed into your skin during the procedure, which transmits the electric field into your skin, directly destroying the pigments of melanin and selectively specifically targeting the abnormal blood vessels.

  1. Lifting and Tightening of the Skin

Sylfirm X stimulates the regeneration of collagen protein in the dermis. Your skin is tightened and appears lifted as a result due to structural remodeling. This results in tighter skin, fewer wrinkles, and smaller pores.

  1. Improving Skin Tone And Skin Brightness

Together with breaking down dark pigments, Sylfirm X strengthens the foundation layers of the skin, reducing melanin migration from your epidermis to your dermis. It strengthens your epidermis and revitalizes skin tissue. It not only improves skin tone but also brightens it and increases the overall glow.

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