How to Choose Better Supplements

Dr. Juli Mazi specializes in helping patients developed customized healthy eating plans that will boost their long-term health. She does not recommend using supplements as a substitute for a healthy diet, but she does advocate their use as they can play an important role in helping a person boost nutritional intake and target specific health problems. This is especially true of supplements that contain nutrients such as Vitamin D which can be hard to get from one’s diet alone. She offers advice to help patients pick the supplements that best meet their needs.

The first step, Dr. Juli Mazi explains, is to seek counsel from a naturopathic doctor. Supplements, like medicines, are powerful components that can have negative side effects if a person takes the wrong ones and/or takes them with other medications. A naturopathic doctor will provide a full examination and get to know a person’s health history to ensure the supplements recommended are the right type and in the right form for each individual. Furthermore, a naturopathic doctor will never recommend supplements without identifying the root cause of a person’s health issues. Seeking professional medical help ensures that the supplements a person takes will have a positive long-term effect rather than acting as a temporary panacea.

Dr. Mazi also urges individuals to check the ingredient list before picking supplements. Many include artificial ingredients such as preservatives, artificial colors, and other additives. Some even contain sugar which wreaks havoc on the body’s internal organs by contributing to heart and liver disease, weight gain, high blood pressure, and an increased risk of diabetes. She urges anyone who is buying supplements to avoid ones that contain unhealthy or genetically modified components and rather stick to those made from only organic ingredients. She also recommends that individuals steer clear of supplements that have been tested on animals; instead, pick those that have been tested by humans.

Supplements should not take the place of medications without the express permission of a medical doctor. She never recommends that anyone stop taking prescription medicines; in fact, she often works with traditional doctors to provide the best possible treatment to any patient. At the same time, she has nearly a decade of experience in her field, and she knows that supplements can spell the difference between full health and chronic health issues. She encourages those who want to benefit from all that supplements have to offer to start with a professional consultation with a naturopathic doctor who can identify the root cause of health conditions and offer personalized help picking the right supplements. She also urges individuals to choose brands with care, steering clear of those that contain unhealthy additives that would interfere with the body’s healing process. With professional help and careful shopping habits, anyone can improve their health and wellbeing by taking the right supplements, in the right quantity and form, and at the right times.

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