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What are the Skin Rejuvenation Benefits of Fotona 4D?

Throughout every stage of our life, we all want to look youthful, radiant, and attractive. To keep your skin looking healthy and bright, take adequate care of it, have non-surgical cosmetic treatments, and seek advice from professionals. We often rely on skin treatments such as facials, and maybe handmade face masks to keep our skin well-maintained and nourished. However, not every natural face cream will be successful on your skin. To prevent skin problems, it is always advisable to visit a skincare specialist and have face procedures as you age. Fotona 4D Facial treatment is one of those renowned skin treatments that can deliver the results that you want.

Fotona in Singapore is a type of laser skin treatment for people of all ages who want to look beautiful and have a more youthful glow. This procedure provides long-lasting benefits and is appropriate for anybody who is aging quicker than they would like and wants plump, young skin.

What is Fotona 4D Facial Treatment?

The skin gradually loses suppleness and firmness as people age. As a result, the skin appears drab, sagging, and droopy. A Fotona 4D Facial tackles these skin flaws with laser treatments and restores your skin’s lost radiance. It firms the cells under the skin, minimizes spots and blemishes, promotes the development of collagen and elastin, and helps you seem younger from the inside out.

The fine lines and wrinkles on your face will disappear with this facial series. This facial is also recommended for rough, uneven, and pigmented skin since it may assist with these issues.

What is Included in the Fotona 4D Facial treatment?

Fotona in Singapore is not your typical facial. Instead, it’s a four-dimensional approach to non-invasive and non-surgical laser face skin rejuvenation. In a nutshell, it contains four processes that cure your skin issues in order to lift the skin up and provide it with a nice radiance.

This four-step face treatment uses two kinds of laser wavelengths: Er YAG and Nd YAG. These wavelengths help prevent aging skin and the issues that accompany it. The Er YAG wavelength concentrates on the flaws in the surface layers of the skin, while Nd YAG reaches deeper layers. Both are intended to act in tandem to offer you smoother, suppler, radiant, softer, and youthful-looking skin.

Facial Treatment Includes 4 Steps:

SmoothLift: The first stage employs the Collagen Induction technique to concentrate on colonization and nutrition of intra-oral tissues. It is painless and performed within the mouth. As a consequence, the suppleness and tightness of your skin have significantly improved. Your skin seems firm and plump.

FRAC3: The second part of the therapy uses a Nd YAG laser wavelength to target skin flaws in the deeper layers. This stage essentially treats skin-aging issues, leaving you with a younger-looking glow when finished. The laser wavelength stimulates the development of elastin and collagen, making you seem younger.

PIANO Mode: This phase of the therapy targets the deep layers of tissue present under the skin by swiftly yet safely heating them. Energy is continually focused on the skin, causing skin tissues to tighten without causing injury to the epidermis. This is by far among the most effective ways to tighten deep tissues of the skin!

SupErficial: The last step is a cool laser polishing peel that gives the skin a pearly sheen. All of your skin’s dead skin cells are eliminated, leaving it smoother than before. You seem to be blazing from inside.

The full 4D facial treatment will improve your face, brighten the skin tone, soften your skin texture, and provide a healthy appearance. Your face tissues will be revitalized from the inside out. The greatest aspect of the procedure is that it is non-surgical and non-invasive.

Are There Any Negative Side Effects?

As a result of the procedure, you may have moderate swelling and redness on your skin. However, they only last a few hours. Ice packs may help with healing. In certain circumstances, blistering may occur. However, your skin will be examined before the procedure to ensure that it is ready for the laser treatment.

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