What Causes Bulky Jaws and How Can It Be Treated with Jaw Reduction Treatments?

A sharp jawline creates the illusion of a slim and perfect face. Non-invasive jaw reduction options could effectively target your jawline to improve it, in addition to face exercises that assist in reducing fat and contouring your chin and jaw area.

What Factors Influence Or Cause Changes In The Face’s Contour?

According to one study, both lifestyle and genetic factors affect facial contours.

Genetic Factors

Parents’ phenotypic characteristics are passed down to their offspring. This implies that if either of your parents has a shorter and broader face, or if this runs in your blood, you’re likely to inherit the facial shape as well. This can’t be changed or altered. However, you can still benefit from face slimming options, which will bring you closer to obtaining a much more V-shaped face.

Factors of Lifestyle

A few lifestyle factors could have an impact on how your face shape changes over time. Among these elements are:

  • Drinking and smoking might cause premature facial aging.
  • Changes in weight
  • The frequency with which skincare routines and anti-aging treatments are used
  • An active lifestyle and a nutritious diet

How to Create a V-Shaped Face

Elastin and collagen production slows dramatically with age, resulting in a lack of the face’s definition. The V-shaped face is very popular nowadays because it offers a more feminine and youthful appearance. A sharp chin, lifted jaw, and a defined jawline are essential for achieving this facial structure.


Radiofrequency treatment options, like Thermage, are non-invasive jaw reduction procedures that produce collagen and tighten your skin to create a lifting effect.


HIFU or High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound is a non-invasive facelift treatment that helps contour the jawline and to melt fat for a slimmer face look.

A single HIFU session produces visible results within just 1 hour. The effects of HIFU last about one year. HIFU procedure tightens old collagen and promotes new collagen production at three critical skin layers: the Deep Dermis, Superficial Dermis, and SMAS. The SMAS layer is your face’s deep muscle layer that’s tightened by plastic surgeons during a traditional facelift surgery.

HIFU procedure provides you with a slimmer looking face by effectively melting facial fat at the double chin and cheeks, in addition to facilitating collagen production for face lifting and skin tightening. At high settings, the concentrated ultrasound energy melts the fat while tightening the surrounding skin. As a result, the face appears more contoured and slimmer overall.


Jaw BTX treatment is administered into your Masseter muscle, which controls chewing.

Your muscle is weakened and relaxed by administering BTX Neurotoxins into certain spots of the Masseter. Over one month, the muscle size decreases gradually (a process known as disuse atrophy), resulting in a slimming effect on your face.

Those with huge Masseter muscles or who frequently grind their teeth will see the best possible results.

Chin Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are quick and incredibly satisfying. They’re appropriate for those who have bulky jaws. They offer volume for deficient regions and are also employed to create a sharper chin.

  • Slightly rounded chins
  • Recessed chins
  • Squared chins
  • Narrow chins

Chin fillers aid in the creation of a more balanced look for those suffering from the aforementioned condition. Based on the current chin shape, chin augmentation may need anywhere from 0.5 to 2ml.

Facial Thread Lift

Threads with the same material as those in surgical sutures are used in a facial thread lift. Over a few months, the body would reabsorb the threads.

The threads have barbs that, when placed into your face and pulled up, offer an instant and mechanical lift that is ideal for people who have saggy facial skin structures.

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