Why is an efficient drug acupressure for women?

Acupressure is one of the three main branches of traditional Chinese medicine and similar to acupuncture except that here the therapist applies pressure at certain pressure points in the body in a natural way than the needle. Acupressure is often confused with massage, which is quite simple than.

The more data and scientific studies show why and how efficient acupuncture and acupressure, and more research explains and validate this natural healing art efficiency.

Acupressure is perfect for women, so much on its essence (for women, body and mind, physical and psychological / emotional balls are very established), rather than in its modalities (soft, non-invasive techniques, receiving full clothing). Acupressure is an answer that suits women’s specific needs.

General health:

PMS, cramps, mood changes, menstrual cycle disorders, fertility, ovarian cysts, cystitis, hyperthyroidism, endometritis, breast mascosis, pelvic inflammation, bladder infection and vagina, is a common female disease. Acupressure is an efficient complementary treatment that regulates the women’s jenito-urinary system, and is a powerful tool for balancing emotions.

Maternity Acupressure:

Acupressures help deal with changes, risks, and specific diseases related to pregnancy, from conception to labor, and then during subtle post-partum times.

Prenatal: relaxed, releasing stress and tension, balancing moods and feelings, strengthening bonding with children, relieves physical symptoms associated with pregnancy, such as bloating, water retention, muscle cramps, pain, hip, sciatica, headaches, nausea, blood pressure , blood flow.
Shipping: induces delay delivery, facilitating the process of expulsion, reducing pain.
Postnatal: strengthen the body’s natural ability to recover after pervaginam or stomach labor. Many women suffer tensions in the neck and shoulders, stress and fatigue, postnatal depression, lactation problems, genital disorders. Acupressure care After shipping helps reduce these symptoms naturally.

Mensopausal symptoms are part seen from a hormone storm that goes berserk on the woman’s body. Because Acupressure works on balancing, it helps calm tornadoes, and supports women during this period.

Emotional release:

For many reasons, including biological, women in close contact with their emotions, and need to manage and process them regularly. If verbalization is not possible, women can find in efficient acupressure means rebalancing the emotional chaos of everyday life.

Low spirit, depression, suffering:

Statistics throughout the world show that among people who suffer from depression, there are twice as many women because there are men … Furthermore, women are more vulnerable than the forms of atypical depression, such as purchasing bulimia, hypersomnia, and compulsive. Of course, depression can be triggered by hormones (baby blues, menopause, winter …), but experts agree that the hormone does not explain everything. They think that women are no more susceptible to depression than men, only they reveal it more. It is true that women consult with therapists, and generally express themselves more easily than men, but one must admit that they also experience severe pressure and tasks. This is a proven fact that stress affects “hormones happiness” – melatonin, noradrenaline, serotonin, endorphins – which regulate mood and well-being. Acupressure helps stimulate them, and refuse.

Violence & abuse:

Violence, both physical (assault, sexual abuse) or verbal (harassment, insult, emotional extortion), leaf scars in the body and mind. Acupressure, coupled with verbal therapy (psychotherapy), and practiced in the context of trust and affection, prove valuable assistance on a long and difficult path to healing.

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